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Sacred Sea Uses Only Oregon Coastal Albacore. Every year young Albacore arrive off the coast of Oregon where we intercept them as they travel North.

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Sacred Sea Oregon Coastal troll caught Albacore are the richest seafood source of Omega-3 available. And according to Seafood buyers guide Albacore tuna is the richest source of protein of any fish.


Sacred Sea Tuna are caught one at a time by hook and line, carefully handled to prevent bruising, quickly and humanely dispatched then immediately bled to insure top quality. Troll caught albacore is likely the most sustainable fishery in the world.

SafeOregon Albacore. Troll caught, processed and canned by Sacred Sea Tuna

Because Sacred Sea’s Oregon Coastal Albacore are younger, smaller fish, mercury is not a concern. In fact according to Oregon State Univ. Oregon coastal albacore contain 60% less mercury than typical canned tuna.

Oregon Albacore

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Better Taste

Sacred Sea Albacore have won double-blind taste tests by private consortium of Sashimi buyers from Japan three years in a row. These same fish are what goes into a can of Sacred Sea brand albacore. Many individuals prefer Sacred Sea Albacore because it does not taste “fishy”.

Higher in Omega-3 protein

Coastal troll-caught albacore tuna are the richest natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids available!  Regular consumption of Omega-3 rich fish, such as albacore, has been linked to:

  • reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
  • reduction of depression-related symptoms
  • relief from arthritis pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • Improved pregnancy health

Lower in Mercury

According to studies by Oregon State University, West Coast Albacore, on
average, contains at least 60% less mercury than typical canned tuna. From June to October of each year we harvest these younger fish, which range in size between 10 and 30 pounds. Because they are young, mercury accumulation is not of concern.

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