Quick Frozen

Sacred Sea Tuna are immediately frozen by immersion which freezes up to 7 times faster than air freezing. They are then held at subzero temperatures until they are ready to be processed.

How do we do it better?

Catch Method

Sacred Sea brand Oregon coastal troll-caught Albacore is hook-and-line caught by surface troll method, making it the “cleanest” most sustainable fishery in the world. Catching one fish at a time instead of using nets or long lines that are used in conventional fishing operations enables us to treat each fish humanely and individually for the maximum quality and nutrition. On-Board Operations Each fish is humanely dispatched the moment it is put aboard the boat. This eliminates the bruising and meat damage seen in conventionally handled albacore. The fish are immediately” vertically” bled which results in 30% more bleed-out. As soon as the fish are bled they are flash frozen by brine immersion, which is the fastest most efficient method of freezing.

Single Cooking vs. Double Cooking

In the conventional canning process, the fish are cooked whole in a pressure cooker. The majority of the oils, the source of the most desirable nutrition, are cooked out and left on the cooker floor. What is left is taken off of the bone and packed into a can, where it is fully cooked for a second time.

In our Sacred Sea process, the fish are filleted raw and hand-packed into cans where they are retorted (cooked) once in the can. Through our process, the nutritional value (and fresh taste) of the fish is still in the can… not on the floor!

How to eat Sacred Sea Tuna

A lot of people ask us what makes our tuna so good and how we eat it at home. What makes our tuna so good is how we care for the fish on the Peso II.Here are some points we think some people may not know about Sacred Sea Tuna and some ways we eat it at our house.

  • You can just eat it with a fork from the can! Remember; do not throw away the liquid. It is the best part. There is nothing added so nothing needs to go into the garbage. Just reincorporate the oil into the meat. Some people like to add some hot sauce to the can when eating it “straight”.
  • You can use the meat as a healthier substitute for chicken or beef in many pasta recipes. It catches the flavor of anything you cook with but lends a seafood accent to it.
  • Another Goche family favorite is Leah’s Tuna Quesadillas which was invented by our daughter Leah one particularly broke winter day. Make up some tuna salad however you like it but add some cumin and garlic salt. Spread some on half of a tortilla. Put some cheese on top of the tuna and fold it over. Fry the quesadilla on both sides in enough oil so the tortilla gets a little crispy. We eat these several times a week in place of tuna sandwiches
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with this meat. You will be astounded how versatile it is. It’s not just for making tuna sandwiches

We love sharing what we have learned about this remarkable fish and some ways to eat it and we love knowing the people who get to share the fruits of our labor and the lives of these fish.

From our family to yours,

Rick, Robin and Leah Goche

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