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American tuna
The undeniable pleasure of classic American tuna dishes (who can mount a case against a perfect tuna melt?) deserves an upgrade. There is a crop of West Coast American canneries that are catching albacore by old-school methods (look for words like “hook and line,” “troll and pole” or “troll-caught” on the can). Hand-filleted Sacred Sea Albacore  from Oregon is cooked in its can and has a particularly succulent texture…

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According to Rick Goche,
chairman of OAC and owner of Sacred Sea Tuna in Coquille, Ore., the U.S. albacore industry is committed to growing the domestic market for fish caught and canned at home. He is optimistic that the number of U.S. canneries will soon grow beyond the current number of 20.
Goche explained that consumers who prefer to buy local are pleased to find U.S.-processed tuna. They’re discovering that the quality is excellent, thanks to the custom-canning or micro-canning process that includes filleting by hand.

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