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When my kids and I were trying to figure out a brand name and a label we wanted the name and the feel of the label to reflect the best moments of life at sea and the reason we choose this life.We talked about those rare days when the weather is good, the ocean is flat and fish are biting. On those days our connection with the sea is felt to the core of our spirit. The experience is best described as “Sacred”.
We catch each fish by hand and care for each fish as if we were taking it home to feed our family. And, in fact, we do! We eat Sacred Sea Tuna every day from the same process and inventory we send to you. So, in effect, you are our extended family. Each fish is caught by hook and line, carefully brought on-board, immediately dispatched and bled to make the best meat we can bring home to you. We remind ourselves each day that we are taking lives and making meat.

Rick Goche, Fisherman & President of Aquatic Resources is the owner of the Sacred Sea label.
Rick’s lifelong career in seafood began at age 13, when he was hired as a local “expert” by Oregon State University’s Department of Fisheries. After seven years at OSU, Rick changed careers to become a commercial salmon and tuna fisherman. It was around this time that Rick began to can his seafood for personal use. Tuna quickly became a staple food for Rick’s family and friends. His “Easy-Open” (EZO) pop-top can made Sacred Sea brand popular, as a “fast” and healthy snack. Simply open and eat from the container.
Rick has been involved in the marketing and promotion aspects of the fishing industry throughout his career, serving as:

  • Current Chairman, Oregon Albacore Commission
  • Current Commissioner for the Port Of Bandon
  • Current Chairman, Albacore Fishermens Research Foundation
  • Current Chairman, FISHCRED
  • Past President & board member of the All Coast Fishermen’s Marketing Association
Captain Rick

Captain Rick

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