Whew! I have finally gotten the boat put away, most of the major “honey-do’s” done and have a moment to post.

It was a very different and amazing season. The catch started off very slow. It was not that there were no fish, we could see the fish on our electronics and there were LOTS of them. But they were deep and would not come up. As you may know we fish with hook and line by surface troll method which means the fish have to be on the surface in order for them to see our hooks. Not on the surface? Can’t see the hooks, we don’t catch them no matter how many are in the water column below us.

So, catch was slow to start but markets were GOOD! We experience what can be called a “perfect storm” of market conditions…The earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami wiped out Japans inventory of albacore (and every other tuna) along with much of their fleet, so there was that. Then the rest of the worlds catch was down in most areas as was ours as I mentioned above. And local/domestic demand is growing by leaps and bounds! All of these conditions added up to create demand that skyrocketed prices to as much as DOUBLE historic highs!

Then, when it seemed we would have to settle for a mediocre season, even with the high price, the fish came up and boy was it something. It was some of the best fishing I have ever seen. The ocean erupted with life and it was like watching the Discovery Channel through my wheelhouse windows: Whales, Dolphins, bait fish birds. Lots of birds! Lots of everything. It was really a show! And the fish bit and kept biting into November.

The good news is Oregon Albacore Tuna and Sacred Sea in particular is getting the recognition it deserves. The bad news is the cost to you has gone up. But let’s look at the cost of Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna compared to other sources of animal protein.

I just searched for “premium cut of beef” and was directed to Kansas City Steak Co. Where I found 6-6 ounce cuts of beef for $79.95 or $13.33 for each 6 ounce steak. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy a piece of good beef and I take nothing away from the beef industry BUT, unless you are going to go to a lot of trouble and research organic sources of beef and pay even more you are going to get a dose of growth hormones, antibiotic, pesticides, herbicides and etc, etc.

Then there is Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna…as pure as you can get on mother earth; No additives, no fillers nothing but fish and a pinch of sea salt, for about half the cost. Oh yeah, then there are the omega 3 benefits in albacore as opposed to what we all know beef has to offer. I’m just saying, if you are going to spend more than burger meat prices why not go with something as tasty and healthy as Sacred Sea Premium Fillets canned in their natural juices.

So, I hope you all had as great of a summer as we did on the Peso II and I, the crew and our families wish you all a safe, warm and healthy winter.

Captain Rick, Fishing Vessel Peso II