On the 7th of this month I was honored to be invited to attend a food demonstration at Artemis Foods in Portland. Yes, I know what the date is today. In my defense for the lateness of this post since then I have been in 4 states and have driven several thousand miles beginning with leaving Artemis  Foods in Portland at 8:30 PM arriving in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at 9 AM the next morning. But that’s another story. Back to Grace Pae’s Artemis Foods.

There were about 15 people in attendance in the back-seating area of Artemis Foods.  It was an eclectic bunch: Ages from about two years old and up and included a couple who should, by now, be heading for Alaska to work in their seafood processing jobs for the season. I had a few video clips and photos running as a loop while I talked with the diners about Sacred Sea Tuna…How we catch them, how we handle them on board the Peso II and how we process them. The group asked a lot of thoughtful questions giving me great segues into issues like mercury and why Sacred Sea Tuna is a safe ,healthy choice. We even talked about recent concerns regarding radiation and the fact that the fish we catch off Oregon don’t go to Japan even though we fish in what is referred to as the “Japanese Current”.

Rick Goche enjoying a dish made with Sacred Sea troll caught TunaThen Grace prepared a really tasty Sacred Sea Tuna Risotto explaining each step and talking about the ingredients.

Everyone got a taste. Okay, I had seconds it was so good.  The dish highlighted  Graces imagination and how versatile Sacred Sea Tuna is.Rick Goche and friends at Artemis Foods

Thanks to all of the Artemis family ( including Sarah who is apparently camera shy) for their hospitality and graciousness.

And Thanks to Julia for the photos and pending comments I know she has been waiting to post.

Ken chowing down on Sacred Sea Tuna